Real Rockers in Tallinn – rub-a-dub attack from Portugal

Real Rockers in Tallinn - rub-a-dub attack from Portugal 1

On the 15th of February Seafront Hi-Fi will meet Real Rockers in a great session. We have a bit of time until the date, and decided to use that to ask the artists a few questions about their past, present and future. Go to facebook event page!

Who are Real Rockers?

We are a movement of artists, creators, musicians and recently a cultural association…basically people from Portugal focused daily on cultural entertainment either at the studio or live on sessions, on stages…you’ll see us around playing, mixing or chatting on the mic. We are a big group trodding along outernationaly, at our headquarter in Porto there’s Mighty Roman, Alpha Pup, Natto & Danny Mont, living in the capital (Lisbon) Fidel, now in London, our newcomer Rookie and Rankin John who is in Mexico. There’s also a bunch of people more helping us pulling this up such as Puppa Roy the Originator, Pardo our artistic hand, Peninha, Higgla, Ray Ranking beside many things also selectas, Ital Gil & Tony B on the cables and woods and musicians such as Dinis, Kanito, Johnny, Tchaiks and many many more which we consider part of the family.

Do you run a soundsystem?

Yes the one and only Youth Culture Hi-Fi. We are the only ones stringing up in Porto city. Mighty Roman started with the project officially back in 2004, but many thing still had to happen till we get where we are now. It was a long long process, meaningful, everything just happened at the right moment as it was supposed to be so it truly represents our identity.

We know you have some of your music released on vinyl. Let we guess: it’s only a beginning.

Yeah, we give thanks Itinually for the opportunity! It all started with Capra to whom we recorded a bunch of riddims and vocals. At the moment we are releasing our 4th record with him and the connection still going strong! We had the pleasure to put out “Hypocrites” from Fidel, which is a tune built in Malaga along side our brothers Peter Chavez and Isaiah from Echo & Reverb All Stars and recently a 12” with Jobba & MannaroMan. We have many things under construction with Javier Vicalo & The Elephants Yard up in Vigo, Galicia and also some digital being cooked with Cubiculo Records a label based in the UK runned by a portuguese guy. A brazilian label called Rockers Time is now putting out some of our works in vinyl such as the works we did with Joydan from Lisbon “Growing Strong” and “Love” the first ever vinyl release from Natto which is voiced over a Bass Culture Players’ riddim coming out very very soon…Oh, and our first release with Strictly Dub Records, a tune 100% made in Porto mixed by Puppa Shan. It’s not only our first tune with the label but also the first 7” of Danny Mont….true, we must say that there’s a pile of tunes ready to face the world…

Europe is rich for concerts, dances and sessions nowadays, but Portugal stays in a shadow. How do people like reggae music in your homeland?

Reggae in Portugal had ups and downs, but it’s there, many people still make the thing happen throughout the country. But we’re not that big, Porto and Lisbon can handle parties regularly although, the night life it’s now very focused on the tourists so it’s constantly changing. It can be ruff, it forces you to handle many different tasks at once in order to reach to the people, you have to be versatile and really entertain them. The rub-a-dub guide lines helped us along the way and so far it never let us down, so you’ll definitely start to listen more and more about Portugal. It’s a great place to be creating, you have the sun and the whole world visiting so we intend to be doing more sessions outside in the street since that’s the place where everybody is. Spain is next door and they support us a lot, the connections with the outside world are kind of easy so we see Porto as a nice little corner to settle our things for now.

How was your Rototom and Dub Camp experience?

It was lovely!! We never thought we would be part of the line up so soon, but it just happened!! Festivals are always a great opportunity to be with friends and family, artists from other countries that we don’t see that often, everybody is there so we take the chance to do a big rub-a-dub jam with the whole of them. Beside that every place has their uniqueness and that keep us inspired and motivated…looking forward to see where music will takes us next.

Tell us the names that inspire you – artists, producers, soundsystems.

Too many names to mention…We can say that we listen religiously to the old sound system tapes from the jamaican, american and english sounds.

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