Brand new and good for you: June 2020


New music keeps on coming from here and there and everywhere! Selected items available in stock via our Seafrontsound online record store!


Jah Warrior celebrates his 25th musical anniversary this year, and here he’s joined by the great Danny Red with strong lyrics on a one heavy rhythm.

Danny Red / Jah Warrior – Leggo Mi Hand [Jah Warrior 7”]

Brand new and good for you: June 2020 1

Indica Dubs has three new singles in a row, a Kibir La Amlak production. Each record features 4 mixes.

Kibir La Amlak – Lion Step 2020 [Indica Dubs 10”]
Kibir La Amlak – Ancient Pulse [Indica Dubs 10”]
Kibir La Amlak – Eye I Eye [Indica Dubs 10”]

The next one is for all Vibronics fans. Piece called “Infinitum” is released with version by Roots Youths Records, flipped by a vocal number by Daddy Teacha.

Vibronics – Infinitum [Roots Youths 10”]

The great Vivian Jones is going strong still with a new release on Jah Works Records, produced by Vivian and Jah Rej.

Vivian Jones – Walk With HIM [Jah Works 10”]

Brand new and good for you: June 2020 4

Jah Fingers gives a release for a legendary TNT Roots anthem “Elohim” with Verse II on the flip.

TNT Roots – Elohim [JFR 12”]

Nat Birchall and Al Breadwinner join their forces once again to satisfy a demand for an analogue sound. Strictly dubwise made the original way.

Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Tradition Disc In Dub [Tradition Disc LP]

Brand new and good for you: June 2020 5

Nice Up Records presents Escape Roots showcase featuring George Palmer, Parly B, El Fata, Tenor Youthman to name a few.

Escape Roots – Pack Up And Run [Nice Up LP]


Italian Dig This Way presents the next two seven-inch with vocal pieces by Peter Abdul and Abeng, versions mixed by UK veterans Russ D and Manasseh respectively.

Peter Abdul & The Abeng Musical Box / Russ D – Inflation [Dig This Way 7”]
Abeng & Medtone Allstar / Manasseh – Grown In Captivity [Dig This Way 7”]

Another one from Italy is one for those who’s looking for a proper female vocal on a raw heavy rhythm. Produced by Humble Brother and mixed by Kai Dub.

Black Omolo – Run Come Rally [Dub Invasion 7”]

Militant Warriors Promotions put together a maxi-single of various vocal numbers on two rhythm tracks.

Winston McAnuff / Prince Alla – The Blade / Blessed Is The Man [Militant Warriors 12”]


Roberto Sanchez and crew bring us three new singles in a row, this time meeting veteran Willie Williams, Shanti Yalah and Winston Blendah. “Don’t Show Off” and “See It Deh” are the proper rockers-style pieces with quality vocals, and “Wash & Clean” is a wicked DJ cut on the latter’s rhythm.

Willie Williams – Don’t Show Off / Messenger Dub [Empathy 7”]
Willie Williams – See It Deh / Creation In Dub pt II [Truth 7”]
Shanti Yalah / Winston Blendah – Creation pt II / Wash & Clean [Truth 7”]


From over the ocean Bent Backs Records brings us the nice 12” EP with vocal pieces by Yami Bolo and Lisa Dainjah on a proper rhythm.

Yami Bolo / Lisa Dainjah – The Only Love / Grand Finale [Bent Backs 12”]


Yi Mas Gan Records’ new 12” features Tena Stelin with “Clean Up The World” from his 1992 LP “Sun & Moon” with an additional version, flipped by Chazbo’s cover of Augustus Pablo “Lightning & Thunder”.

Tena Stelin – Clean Up The World [Yi Mas Gan 12”]


Not that much material comes out of Germany these days, so this one may cause an interest.

Jah Schulz – Right Time Right Dub [Railroad LP]


Reissue list is nicer than nice starting traditionally with Jah Fingers’ business. Two late 80’s digital pieces utilize the same rhythm and share three vocals and one version. Originally issued on Ayeola Records, these are brought back with original label design and the greatest quality as always.

Barry Morgan – Global Confrontation / Ripper [Ayeola / JFR 7”]
The Banker – Boopsie Boo [Ayeola / JFR 7”]

Common Ground International is here with top notch selection. Donovan Joseph’s “Mood For Loving” was originally issued on High Times LP only, and is one of the ruffest love songs you’ll ever find.

Freddie McKay brings that very unmistakable vibe of him on “Bring Back The Good Old Days”, with production credit of Alvin Ranglin. Will not be overestimated to state that the original copy is almost impossible to find here on Earth.

Legendary Carlene Davis’ number “Ism Schism” finally gets its reissue. High quality conscious Sly & Robbie production with original Sonic Sounds label design.

Donovan Joseph – Mood For Loving [Joseph Sound 7 / CGI 7”]
Freddie McKay – Bring Back The Good Old Days [Typhoon / CGI 7”]
Carlene Davis – Ism Schism [Sonic Sounds / CGI 7”]

French Deep Roots label keeps on concentrating on Ital imprint catalogue. Two more 7” of African Brothers with that very powerful message are here – “Righteous Kingdom” for minor-key lovers and a joyful piece “How Long”.

African Brothers – Righteous Kingdom [Ital / Deep Roots 7”]
African Brothers – How Long [Ital / Deep Roots 7”]

Three Winston McAnuff singles are presented by Roots Vibration. “Fear” has a really fresh sound and was not available on 7” before as far as we know. „Unchained“ is an original rockers piece initially released on Top Ranking 12“, backed by Fatman Riddim Section of course; as is „What A Man Sow“, originally on a now rare Top Ranking 7“.

Winston McAnuff – Fear [Roots Vibration 7”]
Winston McAnuff – Unchained [Roots Vibration 7”]
Winston McAnuff – What A Man Sow [Roots Vibration 7”]

Soul Jazz continues their legendary Studio 1 series, this time with previously LP only Wailing Souls’ “Trouble Maker” / “Run My People”. Two great sides for you and you and Lord knows who.

The Wailing Souls – Trouble Maker / Run My People [Studio 1 / Soul Jazz 12”]

Brand new and good for you: June 2020 16

Camden’s Tuff Scout joins the reissue wave with a heavyweight one – dancehall anthem “Jah Give I Love” with “Jerusalem” on the flip by the great Prince Alla is presented here on a 12” disc. Produced by Prince Jammy!

Prince Alla – Jah Give I Love / Jerusalem [Tuff Scout 12”]

The only LP in the list, but what a disc it is. An iconic recording on the UK scene, a true Disciples’ classic is here again for those who understand with thanks to Partial Records.

The Disciples – For Those Who Understand [Partial LP]

Afterwords: Four Soundsystems meeting in Estonia (17.05.19)
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