Seafront Hi-Fi

Small sound equipment installations emerged in the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica somewhen in the late 1940’s. They were used to promote liquor stores and ice cream parlours by playing music for people’s attraction, as music was not available for everyone. Later on, amplifiers became heavier and speaker boxes grew huge. Phenomenon of soundsystem started its international advancement to become an established culture with its traditions, history and thousands of devotees. Seafront Hi-Fi is a traditional soundsystem from Tallinn, Estonia active since 2016. It is the first soundsystem in Estonia that presents Jamaican music in a classical one-turntable style. We promote the culture in our hometown through dance nights, where we play solo or invite other soundsystems to play with. Our selection includes ska, rocksteady, reggae, rockers, rub-a-dub, digital and dubwise.

Seafront Hi-Fi 1

We had a great pleasure being invited to bring Seafront Hi-Fi to Finland and Lithuania and have meetings with local soundsystems. We always say thank you to the people involved: promoters, venue owners and all the music lovers.

Seafront Hi-Fi 2

Reggae is not a choice of the majority in our region. Nevertheless, since our first dance we built a small but strong international community reaching the dancehall when Seafront plays the music. Records from Seafront Sound shop can always be found at our dance. We put flyers and posters in all good local bars, restaurants and shops, and online announcements of our events are posted on this website as well as on the facebook page.

Seafront Hi-Fi 3


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